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Play Longer Without the Pain!
Fingertips can get raw and painful when you play your instrument

Every person who has ever played a stringed instrument is familiar with the burning pain associated with constantly pressing their fingertips down onto hard steel or nylon strings. Until you develop calluses on your fingertips, this pain will always be there. Many would-be musicians have stopped playing altogether because of this pain.

It takes a long time to develop good protective calluses, depending on how much you play. If you’re a casual guitar player who only picks up their instrument once in a while, your calluses will never fully develop and you are faced with fingertip pain every time you play. Even seasoned professionals will quickly lose their calluses if they don’t play their instrument regularly.

Rock-Tips to the rescue!

Rock-Tips protects your fingertips with an extra layer of “skin”, except this layer is very tough, much like the hardness of a real callus. It’s also thin and flexible, which allows you to still feel the strings and play your instrument naturally.

A small application of transparent, quick-curing Rock-Tips on your fingertips allows you to play for longer periods at a time without the pain, which in turn will help you build up your natural guitar calluses much faster.

Rock-Tips can also be used to help quickly build back calluses that have been torn off or damaged, and to protect existing calluses from moisture and other elements.

Great for bass players and finger-pickers too!

Rock-Tips can be used to protect any area where friction causes pain and blisters. For bass players and others that do a lot of plucking and thumping with their bare fingers, Rock-Tips helps prevent blisters from forming, which will allow for longer playing sessions without the discomfort. For finger-pickers, Rock-Tips can be used to repair cracked/damaged fingernails as well as add that extra layer of protection over your calluses.


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