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I’ve played since I was a kid, and recently as I’ve focused more time into my music I’ve been having to superglue my torn calluses shut for the past four months. Super glue is incredibly uncomfortable and it really doesn’t last as long as it should. Last week I got fed up and started to look for an alternative.

I discovered your product and gave it a go this weekend while I was playing at a church. Oh my god!!! 

It worked fabulously and I was actually shocked at how well it held up. Once again, fantastic product and please never stop making it. Sincerely, a very satisfied customer. Kate - Duluth, Minnesota

I just wanted to reach out to express my appreciation for rock tips
. I am a jazz musician in NYC. As someone who wasn’t taught to play my instrument most efficiently (upright bass) plus a hereditary case of psoriasis, I used to blister my fingers terribly almost every weekend, and after awhile I began getting confused and depressed because it was causing me intense pain to play my instrument. As I’m relearning efficient technique, rock tips is helping me immensely to make sure my skin doesn’t split and protects my skin from blistering. I used to use super glue and other adhesives that would always be a pain in the aftermath, and rock tips has worked every time!
You have made a genius product!
Just wanted to show my love. Ethan – New York, NY

To all bassists and guitarists:
If anyone is having trouble with your fingertip callouses, this little bottle of Rock-Tips is the solution. There’s 140 applications per bottle and not only does it help immediately with soreness, it helps to rebuild the callouses in the long term. It really works! Hayden – Austin, TX

“Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you how great your product is.
I recently came down with a case of eczema specific to my hands which has caused them to crack and bleed each time I pick up my guitar. I received my package from you yesterday and used it for a gig that night. This is the first time in months I have been pain free all night long. Not only that, but my fingers actually look like they continued healing under the protective layer! Thanks again, because now I don’t need to consider hanging up the guitar for good.” Kieran – Cary, NC

“Just received your product, used it once and wow! what a difference in my playing.
I was almost ready to give up because even though I’m able to change chords (somewhat) my tone was so bad because I had to fret each note so hard just to keep from buzzing. My tone sounds 100% better and my fingers don’t get nearly as tired or jacked up, etc. I think Rock Tips has helped me turn the corner in my playing. Thank you very much for the great product…” Thomas – Roswell, GA
Er…WOW! That works! …..and then some ! You solved the problem at a stroke. The day before Rock Tips arrived I played for about 5 minutes – more or less in agony. The following day Rock Tips arrived and I played for 2 hours, just a couple of minutes after applying …with no problems or pain at all. FAN-TAS-TIC !! Nothing else to say really… except “thanks”. Don – Nottingham, UK

“Thanks for a great product!
I had to put my mandolin away for a few months due to an injury and lost my calluses. When I started playing again, normally I would only be able to play for 45 mins a day until my calluses built up again. With Rock Tips I can play as long as I want without pain. I’m loving it!” Michael – Tampa FL

“Hey, just wanted to drop a line and say that I’ve been using your product all week and absolutely love it!
I’m a professional upright bassist and having been on a constant search to find protection for my fingers night after night. I’m currently in two bands, playing consistently about three times a week and nothing is working better or easier to apply/remove for shows!” David – West Frankfort, IL

"Thanks, Dave!  I did get the first bottle and this stuff it great!!
 It has really helped. I recently changed brands of basses and now play with a Rickenbacker. The strings started giving me blisters and rock tips has helped immensely. So I ordered a couple more bottles to have plenty on hand.  
Thanks again!!" Steve – Online Comment

“Hey! I found Rock Tops at a guitar store and decided to give it a try! I found it just in time, because my calluses were just getting painful.
Rock tips works great! It sharpens my tone, and makes sliding a breeze! Plus, my fingers don’t hurt anymore! Thanks!” Ryan – Online Comment

“I recently purchased Rock-Tips and found the product to be excellent for me.
This is the first time in many years that i haven’t had painful fingers…Thanks for the product and for listening”. Joy – Ontario, Canada

“WOW, It is now a pleasure to play the guitar. I always had sore fingers even though my callouses were big. They were always big but soft.
Rock-Tips works. I sure am glad I found it“. David – Grand Prairie, TX

“I received the Rock Tips a few days ago. Even though my calluses are starting to develop, I tried the product for a few days. I had tried super glue a few months ago and it sort of worked, although it went on thick and dried very hard. It also started flaking off quickly as I played, resulting in a lot of unintentional pull offs. I was very pleased when I tried the Rock tips. It dries very quickly and remains flexible. When it does start flaking off, there are no unintentional pull offs.
This is an excellent product and I will be sure to recommend it to my friends. Thanks again” – Allan Smith – Online Comment


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