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“Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you how great your product is. I recently came down with a case of eczema specific to my hands which has caused them to crack and bleed each time I pick up my guitar. I received my package from you yesterday and used it for a gig that night. This is the first time in months I have been pain free all night long. Not only that, but my fingers actually look like they continued healing under the protective layer! Thanks again, because now I don’t need to consider hanging up the guitar for good.” Kieran – Cary, NC
“Just received your product, used it once and wow! what a difference in my playing. I was almost ready to give up because even though I’m able to change chords (somewhat) my tone was so bad because I had to fret each note so hard just to keep from buzzing. My tone sounds 100% better and my fingers don’t get nearly as tired or jacked up, etc. I think Rock Tips has helped me turn the corner in my playing. Thank you very much for the great product…” Thomas – Roswell, GA
Er…WOW! That works! …..and then some ! You solved the problem at a stroke. The day before Rock Tips arrived I played for about 5 minutes – more or less in agony. The following day Rock Tips arrived and I played for 2 hours, just a couple of minutes after applying …with no problems or pain at all. FAN-TAS-TIC !! Nothing else to say really… except “thanks”. Don – Nottingham, UK
“Thanks for a great product! I had to put my mandolin away for a few months due to an injury and lost my calluses. When I started playing again, normally I would only be able to play for 45 mins a day until my calluses built up again. With Rock Tips I can play as long as I want without pain. I’m loving it!” Michael – Tampa FL
“Hey, just wanted to drop a line and say that I’ve been using your product all week and absolutely love it! I’m a professional upright bassist and having been on a constant search to find protection for my fingers night after night. I’m currently in two bands, playing consistently about three times a week and nothing is working better or easier to apply/remove for shows!” David – West Frankfort, IL
"Thanks, Dave!  I did get the first bottle and this stuff it great!!  It has really helped. I recently changed brands of basses and now play with a Rickenbacker. The strings started giving me blisters and rock tips has helped immensely. So I ordered a couple more bottles to have plenty on hand.  
Thanks again!!" Steve – Online Comment
“Hey! I found Rock Tops at a guitar store and decided to give it a try! I found it just in time, because my calluses were just getting painful. Rock tips works great! It sharpens my tone, and makes sliding a breeze! Plus, my fingers don’t hurt anymore! Thanks!” Ryan – Online Comment
“I recently purchased Rock-Tips and found the product to be excellent for me. This is the first time in many years that i haven’t had painful fingers…Thanks for the product and for listening”. Joy – Ontario, Canada
“WOW, It is now a pleasure to play the guitar. I always had sore fingers even though my callouses were big. They were always big but soft. Rock-Tips works. I sure am glad I found it“. David – Grand Prairie, TX
“I received the Rock Tips a few days ago. Even though my calluses are starting to develop, I tried the product for a few days. I had tried super glue a few months ago and it sort of worked, although it went on thick and dried very hard. It also started flaking off quickly as I played, resulting in a lot of unintentional pull offs. I was very pleased when I tried the Rock tips. It dries very quickly and remains flexible. When it does start flaking off, there are no unintentional pull offs. This is an excellent product and I will be sure to recommend it to my friends. Thanks again” – Allan Smith – Online Comment


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